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The Friday Five

Posted in Uncategorized by Nicki on April 30, 2010
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What? My blog titles are becoming more corny the more I post? I feel like trying to be clever, don’t judge me.

Basically, the idea is for me to set five goals every friday. Weather it be to workout every day by the next Friday, or to buy a car. The plan is not to have the goals be completed by the following Friday, but simply to keep a running list of everything I want to accomplish – both in the short and long-term.

  1. Run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That means starting today! I workout with a group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and part of the deal is that you’re also supposed to be doing some sort of cardio (run, bike, swim etc.) on the ‘off’ days. The only true day off is on Sunday. I’ve been slacking lately, so I want to get back on the ball.
  2. Find a Graduate Journalism program. I’m not going back to get my Masters for at least a year, but most programs require that you submit an applications far in advance from the date you actually want to start. I’ve browsed around the internet but haven’t done enough real homework to know where I want to be. Have any suggestions? I’m open to going anywhere!
  3. Ditch the credit card. Yes, I’m the girl who can’t stop spending money. You know that scene in Confessions of Shopaholic, where Isla fisher is smashing her “frozen assets” on the ground? Yep, that’s me. Except I keep staring at my credit card and my handy pair of scissors. As long as it’s solid and capable of being swiped, well, Imma swipe it. That has to stop.
  4. Gain writing experience. Here and in a journal is all well and good, but what I really mean here is in writing for magazines, newspapers, ANYTHING that will publish me and give me credible leverage on a Graduate school application.
  5. Clean my room. This is one of those that has a deadline. I want to get my disaster of a room cleaned up and reorganized by the time my parents get here for graduation. Which means I’m going to have to spend all next week figuring out where I actually keep all of the things that have found their way onto my floor.

Commandments For Life

Posted in Life by Nicki on April 27, 2010
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I got to reading posts over at the Happiness Project the other day about writing commandments for your life. I’m not quite done with my list, but I figured I could post it anyway for me to look over and I’ll post it up again when I’ve worked out the kinks and come up with a few more “rules,” if you will. Many of them are tied to my New Years resolutions, and a few of them I think I’ve already conquered…but serve as reminders in case I choose to forget. đŸ˜‰ Enjoy.

  1. Don’t take anything too seriously. You’ve made it this far, right? Everything works out in the end, trust that and just live your life.
  2. Make yourself happy. Don’t worry quite so much about what other people think or hurting other peoples feelings, it’s important but not nearly as important as doing what you want.
  3. Be great, don’t do just enough to get by. Being satisfied when you’ve done everything you should have done is one thing, being satisfied when you’ve done SOME of what you should have is another. Don’t just be okay, be great.
  4. Talk it out. With Mom, Sister, friends and boys. Don’t keep feelings bottled up inside or assume you have nothing important to say, what you feel and think matters, share it.
  5. Just do it. Don’t procrastinate and don’t fuss, do what has to be done before it has to be done. Doing things last minute has never gotten you very far, see #3.
  6. Don’t be so messy. Notice I didn’t say ‘be clean.’ Just keep the clutter to a minimum, do laundry before it gets out of hand and keep your folders organized — it’s easier to get things done when you can find them.
  7. Everything happens for a reason, and it works itself out in the end. Don’t worry so much about how what’s going on right now is going to change your life. Everything happens to lead to something else and in the end what is supposed to be will be…so don’t think about it so much.
  8. Settle. Sometimes. No one is a fan of things not going there way, but sometimes pushing against the natural flow of life to reach a goal, especially one you don’t know that you really want, will just stress you out and won’t solve anything.