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A Twice Baked Potato That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

A little known fact (or, perhaps not so little known) about me is that I ADORE food. Not just eating food. I adore cooking food, thinking up new, healthier ways to eat food and now I’m going to start sharing that kind of stuff with you!

I have been dying for a twice baked potato lately (maybe dying is a strong work, but I REALLY like food. And I REALLY like potatoes. So it’s just the right word for me to use.) However, every recipe I’ve come across that sounds yummy boats nearly 500 calories for an average sized potato, sometimes more. Of course, you can score a 390 calorie frozen one at Target, but it’s extremely disappointing in size.

So I went to work tonight when I got home from work and in 30 minutes had something I’m pretty pleased with. It’s delicious and WAY less than 500 calories. Observe. (more…)