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Flash Fiction Thursday!

Posted in Writing by Nicki on April 29, 2010
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This was an interesting experience. I think it’s likely a bit too long to fit the usual Flash Fiction standards. However, it was something I wanted to write and I’m not one to back down from a challenge. ;.) Without further adieu, here is the most chaotic piece of writing I may have ever produced (you can go ahead and exclude that one-page article summary I did in 15 minutes before class last month.)

Staggering, the broad, dark and handsome man drew himself up to full height. Even as they tried to break him, Renaldo was remarkable.

“She deserves a choice.” His voice rumbled. I turned to look upon the familiar couple that held us captive as a gust of dark wind brushed across the desert surface, sand stung my face and buried itself into my eyes.

“That’s funny,” The red-haired woman I had once turned to for comfort and support now seemed distant and terrifying. “I don’t recall you caring much about choice the first time I met you.” Amber eyes were glazed over wit fury, her vision locked onto us but her mind watching something entirely different. She was no longer able to offer me solutions, her existence had become the problem.

The man standing behind her took a sweeping step forward and grasped her arm easily in his big palm. “Olivia, it’s time that we go.” She stared at me, her beautiful eyes probing me for the answers to questions I couldn’t hear. Why? How did we come here? Won’t you change your mind? I had similar questions. How I wish I could change my mind, how I wish that would make things easier. But that was not possible now.

I raked my fingernails across Renaldo’s inner arm. No, I could not leave him now.

I glanced to the skyline. We were running out of time.

The nearest source of shelter was nowhere within eyeshot of us. Even with the ultra keen sight I was only beginning to adjust to, I couldn’t see a thing in the windswept dessert that would protect us. “We’re not going to make it,” I said, sounding uncharacteristically phlegmatic. Renaldo didn’t speak; his big hands were braced on my shoulders, starting down at me. One shake of his beautiful face confirmed what I already knew. He gripped me harder.

My voice quivered with a childish innocence. “Will it hurt?”

“I imagine it will.” He was strong where I was weak, his voice just as sage and composed as it had ever been. I curled my shoulders towards him, his arms enveloped my body protectively. It was a vain attempt. Even his firm, powerful body couldn’t shield me from the pain. The sun crept ever higher and I tried to bury my face into his chest, but he grasped my cheeks in both palms and crashed his mouth over mine. I gasped, pressed my lips roughly over his a second time and wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

With the delicate precision of the surgeon he once was, Renaldo traced every outline of my body with his finger tips. The slight over growth of his nails raked cautiously against my skin, as thought it were fragile enough to pierce with the faintest of pressure. His dry mouth pressed against my forehead, the chapped texture of his lips a drastic contrast to the warm, plush texture I was accustomed to. But the feeling of his lips made no difference to me, it only mattered that they remained against the thin skin of my temples.

In the final moment, I drew back from him. I looked at his eyes, his mouth, his cheek bones. Ran my fingers through his hair, over his shoulders, down his neck.

It was when my dirty nails raked softly down his jawline that the sun touched my skin and my body began to loose composure. As a cigarette turns to ash and falls away from the butt, Renaldo and I burned in each other’s embrace until there was nothing to hold us apart and we collapsed into the sand.


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  2. Beautifully depressing. </3 Very well done. =]

  3. unabridgedgirl said,

    Beautiful job! I especially like the last paragraph.

  4. Vampires. I loved it. This was beautiful – sensual, and I loved the descriptions and the emotion.

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