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I’m Going Pro…In Losing Things

Posted in Life by Nicki on April 27, 2010
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This is going to be quick – I’m supposed to be getting ready to head to work.

I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago about being “pro” at losing our belongings. A long time ago I responded to misplacing important possessions (such as my cellphone, iPod, my car keys etc. etc.) the same way that most people do: panic, stress, frantic tossing of every object in your vicinity – even if you KNOW the lost artifact doesn’t live under there. This is normal, I think. It’s natural to panic when you find that your purse has gone missing or that your recently purchased $400 electronic device has grown legs and walked off.

What is not normal is what I’ve started doing instead. What’s that? Nothing. I’ll look around and notice that I’m missing my Blackberry. I can’t remember the last time I saw it but I’m not the least bit concerned about it. Why? Because I lose things all the time.

All. The. Time.

Chances are that when something I own is “lost,” it’s really just been misplaced in my mess of a bedroom, or dropped into the floor board of my truck, or (and this one is easily the best) I never even had it on my person to begin with. So now, when something turns up missing, I just continue on with my day and store the loss of the object in the back of my mind. I’ll probably remember where I put it. Or it will turn up. Or, it’s lost.

So I’m a pro at losing things now. Is that a good thing?


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  1. unabridgedgirl said,

    I am a pro at losing my cell phone and car keys, and, like you – -(unless I am going to be late for something) I don’t panic. It happens so much that I know they’ll eventually turn up.

    • Nicki said,

      Exactly! I’m constantly misplacing my keys…though the time I lost them for good left me stranded at the airport, after a midnight flight.

      Fun fact: there are locksmiths who can come to you and make you a key out of the back of their truck 24/7. For a small fortune, of course. 🙂

      • unabridgedgirl said,

        1. You were stuck in the airport! AHHHH! Ick.

        2. I know. Trust me. I. Know. (From…sadly…multiple experience.)

  2. Nicki said,

    Ah! That’s horrible, though I’m glad that someone else has done this. 😉

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